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Candidate made favorable impression

By Staff | Nov 3, 2013

Like many residents of Ward 9, I have been thinking about who I should vote for as our next alderman. I see a lot of signs as I drive around, but they really don’t mean anything to me. Anyone can put up signs.

I was at home the other day when I got a knock on the door and Ken Siegel, one of the Ward 9 candidates for alderman, was standing there. It was nice that he was taking the time to knock on my door, but I figured I was just going to get a canned campaign speech and some handouts and he would be on his way. I was pleased that Ken took the time to talk to me and ask what was on my mind. He was obviously interested in what I had to say and clearly loves Nashua. He was so positive and had such great ideas it was refreshing to talk to him. I think it is amazing that someone with his experience is willing to serve as an alderman. I wasn’t planning on voting before I spoke with Ken, but I sure did after that. I think Ken Siegel would make a fantastic alderman. What his intentions are for our neighborhood has inspired me to register and vote in this upcoming election.

Deanne DeSimone



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