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Why he supports Schoneman in Ward 3

By Staff | Oct 30, 2013

I admire the fact that both candidates for Ward 3 alderman in Nashua have a history of community service. Mr. Schoneman gave his time to a project I organized installing an outdoor exercise area at Holman Stadium. He also worked to rebuild the bridge railing and clean up Field’s Grove park. He is a compassionate man giving freely of his time in service projects all over the world (teaching at an orphanage in Moldova, repairing a roof at orphanage in Mexico). Community service is valuable, but not enough.

The candidate forum Thursday night at City Hall made the contrast between Schoneman and his opponent very clear. Schoneman has worked as a project manager, an insurance broker and a pilot. In his opponent, I heard a young ideologue with little experience. While Schoneman was serving his country as a defense contractor deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan protecting our troops, his opponent was organizing Facebook pages. Schoneman has a business degree from Lehigh University and a master’s degree in business administration from Boston University. He has taught college-level business curriculum. He will not be confused by the numbers, as might someone with less experience.

Aldermen represent us, the people, and it was refreshing to hear Schoneman’s authentic pledge to listen to and understand the voters of Ward 3. David Schoneman knocked on my door, asked questions and listened to me. David Schoneman supports us and I support him for Ward 3 alderman.

Tom Dionne



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