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They support Moriarty for alderman-at-large

By Staff | Oct 29, 2013

On Nov. 5, voters of Nashua will have the privilege to vote for Dan Moriarty for alderman-at-large, a leader who has proven to be very effective for the past two years working diligently towards a better, more effective and transparent city government as the Ward 9 Alderman.

Dan works in program management in a local high-tech company where he is able to keep his hand on the pulse of the local business atmosphere, economy, salary increases, etc. During the past term, he has shown that he is willing to work hard, putting in the time it takes to do the “homework” required to make reasonable, informed decisions for the residents of Nashua. He has proven to be a fiscally responsible alderman who watches carefully where our tax dollars are spent. Although we don’t always agree with him, Dan Moriarty is an extremely qualified, detailed individual who has shown he does not blindly follow whatever is requested by the mayor and endorsed by the BOA president. He surrounds himself with intelligent, sensible advisors and is not afraid to ask the necessary questions of the appropriate people, enabling him to cast well-researched votes in the best interest of the Nashua community.

Again, we urge Nashua voters to consider Dan Moriarty as one of your choices for alderman-at-large when you vote on Nov. 5. He will responsibly represent all the residents of Nashua.

Bill and Laurie Sutton



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