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Change needed on Board of Aldermen

By Staff | Oct 28, 2013

Do you like our high taxes and crazy spending? I don’t. A big reason nothing has changed is that the Board of Alderman mix is such that the majority vote in favor of what the mayor desires. The only way to change this dynamic is to change the mix of ward aldermen and set in place a proper check and balance.

In order to change it this next election, we need everyone to get out and vote. Low turnouts at the polls favor the incumbent because mainly their supporters go vote. If you normally don’t bother voting, please consider voting this Nov. 5. Changing the ward alderman dynamic will have a direct impact on you.

In order to gain enough change, we need to unseat (vote against) most of the following incumbents that have a challenger running against them; Tabasko, Vitale, Dowd, Chasse, Caron, and Melizzi-Golja.

If we can change the ward alderman mix, I believe there will be enough change in the at-large positions to actually make a difference at the full board level. Regarding the at-large candidates, I support Moriarty, Deane, and Pressly or Johnson.

George Stergion



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