Backing Silva for Ward 8 seat after questions about voting

During the 2012 Presidential election, Latha Mangipudi sponsored an Obama campaign worker, Alysha Tierny, who voted from Mangipudi’s residence. That vote, in addition to other Obama campaign workers who registered to vote in the state while they were temporarily working here, contributed to 90 percent of our Republican Reps being replaced by Democrats. Here are the facts.

Tierny registered to vote in New Hampshire in 2012, using Latha Mangipudi’s address. In 2008, she registered to vote in Ludlow, Mass., and voted there in 2009, 2010 and 2013. She is also registered to vote in Virginia and voted there in 2011. She voted absentee in New Hampshire in 2012. According to her LinkedIn page, after the election she worked on the presidential inauguration committee and is now back in Massachusetts, working for the Harvard Kennedy School of Government. Was she even in New Hampshire when she cast her ballot? Why didn’t she vote absentee in Massachusetts?

There are bills being introduced in the legislature to prevent out-of-state voters from registering in our state. Candidate Peter Silva will support the effort to clean up our voter lists and make sure our first-in-the-nation status actually means something.

Karen Thoman