Tea party tried to destroy economy

Tea party-led Republicans have cost the U.S. economy $700 billion since 2010, according to the prestigious Macroeconomic Advisors report issued on Oct. 9. That is the cost of debt-ceiling standoffs, congressional budget battles, sequester spending cuts and business uncertainty created by the crisis driven by tea party radicals. This lost economic activity has cost the U.S. two million jobs. The latest 16-day shutdown has cost our economy an additional $24 billion.

They call themselves “tea party patriots,” but there is nothing patriotic about destroying the economy and breaking government. They claim they want to save us from the terrible cost of the Affordable Care Act, yet seem to be willing to destroy our economy to save people from health care. It makes no logical sense.

They seem to think that breaking government is patriotic. On Oct. 16, the eve of debt default, 144 House and 18 Senate Republicans voted for debt default, which would have crashed the U.S, and world economy. What rational political party votes to destroy America?

As a patriotic American who understands business and economics, I urge all rational Americans to vote out Republicans. Only then will they get the message to stop destroying the American economy and stop breaking our government, which is based on compromise that 200 years of American tradition has created.

Bob Bettilyon