She has a message for House candidate

I am writing to let state representative candidate Peter Silva know that my Ward 8 friends and I will be coming out of the woodwork on Nov. 5 to vote for Latha Mangipudi. And just like my Ward 8 neighbors who have come here from India to make their home in Nashua who may choose to vote for her, it is not because of her Indian descent.

Like me, many have known Latha for years and have seen the work she does on behalf the people of the city and the state. She has truly shown us that she has not only the best interest of all us at heart, but she has the skill, aptitude and ability to work with others to accomplish mutual goals needed to get things done in Concord. We are a nation of immigrants, and a city that has built itself on the hard work and commitment of citizens from all around the world. I urge my neighbors in Ward 8 to cast their vote for Latha on Election Day, and show that we are a city of reason and compassion, and not one of citizens who confuse respect for all with “political correctness.”

Laurie Goodman