Wearing pink isn’t enough

The letter “Seeing red over pink socks” set me off, I’m afraid. Alan Greenwood can certainly defend himself, but this is clearly another case of shooting the messenger.

Now I’m all for eradicating breast cancer, or any other cancer or life-threatening disease for that matter, but what’s with all the pink anyway. Is this truly the only way we can raise money to fight this disease?

I can only imagine what the National Football League spends on all of the pink gear used to outfit the players throughout October. How about taking all that money spent and donating it to breast cancer research?

Have we become a nation where the only way we will do some good is if everyone else knows about it?

If the high school soccer team wants to do something for breast cancer every October, how about going around the city and raking people’s leaves. Take all the money raised and donate it. And if they want to rake while wearing pink socks, more power to them. Public service requires effort. Much more effort than simply changing the color of one’s socks.

Tom Grilli