Pink socks articles red-carded

For a company in the communication business, The Telegraph does not seem to be doing a very good job of being fair and balanced. After reading Alan Greenwood’s condescending article and Mr. Scione’s biased article regarding pink socks, I am finding it hard to respect The Telegraph.

If either reporter took the time to get quotes on the other side of the issue, their articles would be more reputable. To only quote people who were in the decision-making process, saying people are only complaining because they don’t understand the origin of the rule change, is clearly ridiculous. Give people some credit. The people you neglected to ask know the reason for the rule change, but simply disagree with the change.

These slanted quotes, combined with the one-sided quote from the Athletic Director about over-reacting parents and the boys’ concern with wearing pink socks for senior night, are misguiding. If, in fact, this was said, she needs to talk to the Titan boys’ soccer players, the people she represents. She may find they feel differently. They are dedicated kids who are not out to just make a one-time statement.

Just because an organization spends three years changing a rule, doesn’t make it a good rule or the right one. In my view, in the big scheme of things, I prefer to teach my kids that supporting a good cause is worth a couple more minor bad calls each game.

Lois Madden