Seeing red over pink socks column

As the father of a former and current high school soccer player, I take exception to Alan Greenwood’s comments regarding the wearing of pink socks on the soccer field. I was quite proud of our Titan soccer players this season when I learned they were disappointed that they would be unable to wear pink as a show of support for their mothers, grandmothers, aunts, sisters and other female relatives at their home games. It seems that the “guideline” to which he referred only allows them to support the female relatives of their opponents. And he complains of bureaucratic nonsense.

I would think that The Telegraph would want to endorse teenage activism and gender respect, not discourage it. And while it may be true that referees might be less able to determine the proper call on an out-of-bounds play, it is utter folly to believe that this relatively minor issue should be a consideration, when compared to supporting breast cancer awareness.

This may result in Greenwood’s “yelping,” but I believe that if anyone has a case of “random tunnel vision,” it would seem to be him.

Vince Madden