Alderman complaint not warranted

This is in response to the call made to The Telegraph by Ward 3 Alderman Diane Sheehan, complaining she had not been invited to the NRCC Alderman Candidate Forum on Oct. 10 at the Crowne Plaza.  

First of all, it was not a city-sponsored forum. It was part of the Nashua Republican City Committee regular monthly meeting. A press release announcing the meeting was printed in The Telegraph the week prior and said the meeting would be open to all. It was not billed as a closed meeting. I received several calls from other candidates who asked to speak, and we readily accommodated them. Ms. Sheehan left me a terse message the day of the meeting telling me to call her, but did not identify the purpose of her call. At the time, I was in a different time zone and unavailable to call her back. However, we did add her to the list of speakers on the agenda for the meeting.

She was not “left out.” Whe was welcome at any time to come and speak with all of the other candidates.

Diane Lothrop