We need more grownups in Washington

The federal government shutdown and the stalemate over the debt ceiling seems equivalent to preschool children arguing over whose turn it is to have a certain toy. However, the elected officials to the U.S. House of Representatives are over the age of 21 and, therefore, supposedly adults. It is past time for them to learn to negotiate like adults. To bend to the far-right on issues that have a domino effect on our economy – including support of our military personnel, food safety for all of us, education for the country’s children, the ability of furloughed workers to pay their bills, the Centers for Disease Control and other essential services and programs – is unconscionable. The impact on our economy becomes more serious each day and, with it, the world-wide economy. We owe other countries money. If we default on our debts to them, who will own our country? As it is, the majority of Republican representatives are listening to a few – the tea party right wing conservatives – and giving them more power than they deserve. So, I have a few questions for these Republicans: First, was the majority of your campaign money from far right-wing conservatives? Secondly, are each of you continuing to receive and use your salary? It is time – actually past time – to negotiate like adults or go home and get another job.

Mary Morse