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Amgen takes issue with recent editorial

By Staff | Feb 18, 2013

Amgen takes issue with recent editorial

The Telegraph’s editorial of Feb. 3 (“Congress’ image takes another hit over Amgen deal”) fails to appropriately capture the importance of a provision of the American Taxpayer Relief Act.

This language temporarily delays inclusion of oral-only drugs in the Medicare payment bundle for dialysis services due to major changes in how Medicare pays for dialysis care.

In simple terms, this act of Congress helps to ensure that vulnerable dialysis patients continue to receive medicines they need.

Several companies, including Amgen, manufacture these oral treatments. This provision also reflects recommendations of an independent U.S. Government Accountability Office report cautioning against prematurely including oral-only medications in the dialysis bundled payment system.

End-stage renal dialysis patients are among our nation’s most chronically ill and are disproportionately minority and elderly.

Amgen will continue to advocate for sound federal policies that enhance access to care, with our mission to serve patients leading the way.

Ray Jordan

Senior vice president
corporate affairs


Thousand Oaks, Calif.


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