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Caron was right choice for BOA vacancy

By Staff | Jul 30, 2022

Last week, the Nashua Board of Aldermen selected June Caron to fill the Ward 7 alderman seat vacated by the unexpected departure of John Cathey after serving on the BOA for just six months.

Caron, who held the seat for five previous terms – 10 years – opted not to run for the office in last November’s election.

Upon Cathey’s resignation, Caron though was approached to throw her proverbial hat into the ring by several Ward 7 residents.

Ultimately, the longtime Nashuan was selected for the post by a vote of 9-5, besting challenger Tim Sennott.

“When this came about, I was asked to think about it, which I did. … I feel I can contribute for the next cycle, at least,” Caron said.

She also stressed her belief of the importance of elected officials remaining civil and professional, despite whatever differences they may have on a piece of legislation or a vote on a particular matter.

We couldn’t agree more. Locally – and state and nationally – we’ve seen a trend over the past several years of personal attacks, insults and general divisiveness that goes well beyond simple disagreements.

Working together – on any level of government office – is key to making progress and serving constituents well.

Caron’s experience on the board – as well as her 45-year career leading the city’s recreation department – is exactly what we need in City Hall.

Caron will be a voice of reason on the board, and certainly can – and will – be an ardent voice that will help to bring us all together in a civil and productive manner. In a time of economic uncertainty – but marked growth in the Gate City – Caron’s common-sense approach should be welcomed and embraced.


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