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Caution still needed in battle against COVID-19

By Staff | Aug 14, 2021

Last week, the Nashua Board of Education decided that students must wear face masks when they return to school at the end of the month. Face coverings will be required inside school buildings and buses, but not during recess or outside activities.

While the community continues to debate this, may people criticizing the board for requiring masks and for even broaching the subject city-wide, we fully support this decision. In fact, more is needed.

Cases are on the rise in the Granite State, with the more dangerous Delta variant surging.

According to the New Hampshire Department of Health & Human Resources website on Thursday, “New Hampshire announced 310 cases for Aug. 12. There were an average of 172 cases per day over the most recent 7-day period (August 6 to August 12). This is a 26 percent increase compared to the previous 7-day period.”

Overall numbers, as of Thursday night, are:

• Total cases: 102,659.

• Active cases: 1,513.

• Current hospitalizations: 58.

• Total deaths: 1,394.

• Fully vaccinated: 53.8%.

• At least one dose: 58.6%.

• 4.6% seven-day test positivity.

• 4,022 average cases.

We are, indeed, not out of the woods. With the sharp rise in cases over the past couple weeks, another mask mandate should be considered. An unpopular opinion, yes, but merited considering the current situation.

Even if going through the inconvenience of wearing face coverings again would save just one life, it is well worth it.

It’s not about freedom. It’s not about infringing on anyone’s “God-given American rights.” It’s not political. It’s about science. It’s about the health and well-being of our community, and it’s about protecting our most vulnerable – children, those will illnesses and medical conditions and our senior citizens.

Do the right thing. Get vaccinated if you are not, and wear a mask.


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