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Cracks in the wall

By Staff | Mar 31, 2020

The COVID-19 outbreak has brought out the best in people from Greater Nashua and the Souhegan Valley.

In the pages of The Telegraph, we have highlighted the many people, businesses and organizations that have come to the rescue in this time of great need.

Unfortunately, the coronavirus also has shown some cracks in the wall, some of which we have known about and toiled away on for many years.

A crisis like this certainly can make a bad situation worse.

This is the case with the area’s homeless issue.

While many have tried to solve the problem over the years, its scope is simply so great that it defies the ultimate resolution.

Our city and town leaders – as well as many organizations – have done an amazing job at chiseling away at homelessness, but it could become worse in light of recent layoffs and furloughs.

Many in Southern New Hampshire live paycheck-to-paycheck, and may be one step away from living on the street or in their car. Sadly, this outbreak could make that happen.

In addition to homelessness, food security is a concern.

There are several causes, including the loss of income and even people unnecessarily hoarding food. While the latter problem will eventually solve itself, it is important for those who have the means to continue to support local food pantries and shelters.

Finally, one issue that many may not think about, is the lack of internet connectivity for some – especially school-aged children. This, of course, is not because of an infrastructure problem, rather the ability for a family to afford the service.

Many families must make a choice between providing necessities like food or “splurging” for internet access.

Perhaps, there could be a family/student discount program implemented when all this is over, as current prices are difficult for many to afford.

There really aren’t easy solutions to the above-listed dilemmas. However, with thought, reflection and a continued willingness to assist – which our communities excel at – anything can be accomplished.


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