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A simple, powerful thank you

By Staff | Mar 22, 2020

Thank you.

These two simple words are immensely powerful.

Today, we want to offer this heartfelt sentiment to all those who are navigating this fluid and, yes, admittedly scary, landscape of COVID-19 and the changes this has brought to our communities and everyday life as we know it – at least for now.

There are many aspects over which we may not have control in the coming days and weeks ahead.

One facet of which we are certain, Greater Nashua, is we are among good people to see us through these uncertain times. Many of those on whom we rely in times of crisis often are in what, sadly, are thankless positions.

How many of us truly know and take the time to greet and thank the person who checks out and bags our groceries, fills our prescriptions, staffs the local emergency room or provides any other service we usually expect on demand?

And what about our politicians, public servants and health care providers? They often are the first to receive our criticism and the last to hear, “thank you; job well done.”

Our state and local officials have stepped up by taking proactive and reactionary measures to ensure safety and well-being in response to coronavirus. Local mayors, town administrators, alderman, selectmen, school superintendents, board members and all their staff members are to be lauded. They are trying and succeeding at the most local, base levels to make impactful, meaningful differences on the front-lines of this pandemic.

They are leading by example and inspiring others to do the same. Nonprofits, community volunteers, business owners and every day citizens also are spearheading efforts to ensure displaced school children still receive access to healthy meals, senior citizens without toilet paper have someone to assist, and those who are most vulnerable in our population are not forgotten.

Today’s edition of The Telegraph features a balance of news you must know, access to critical information for services locally and beyond, and more. It also helps to highlight stories of hope, inspiration and community service. Those stories remind us of just how fortunate we are to live and work in this region with people who are willing to step up and make a difference when it is needed most.

This past week was Sunshine Week, when nationwide newspapers and The Telegraph historically shine a spotlight on access to information, government compliance and protecting the public interest. Those all are incredibly important, and we will never lose that focus.

But we also don’t want to miss this equally important opportunity to say thank you to all those working to assist each other through this unprecedented time. No one – not us nor a member of the public – needs a Right to Know or Freedom of Information Act request to see the good deeds springing forth each and every day.

So we will end today’s opinion piece, as we began. Words have power. We want to use this space to wield the power of the pen to again, pause, and thank all those – medical professionals, civic leaders, workers, friends, neighbors, volunteers and our valued readers – for rallying around one another in expressions of humanity, compassion and aid all for the public good.


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