Get out and vote today

Today, citizens in towns throughout Greater Nashua and the Souhegan Valley will head to the polls to cast their votes on a variety of issues, including who will lead their respective towns and school boards, and what warrant articles they support.

There are several key articles throughout our area that are worth a look and deserve the full attention of voters.

First, in Hudson, community members will have the opportunity to vote on Warrant Article 1, which provides for renovations and improvements at Alvirne High School.

As we have previously written here, this warrant article is key for not only the town as a whole, but for the students and staff of the high school.

The $17.55 million warrant article addresses many safety concerns at the aging high school, as well as needed improvements. The estimated tax rate impact of this is just 14 cents.

In Milford, two warrant articles have drawn much attention, including a $3.45 million warrant article seeking improvements to Wadleigh Memorial Library.

Warrant Article 4, calls for “the Milford emergency communications dispatch center infrastructure and equipment project – with a capital cost of $2.4 million.”

Both proposals are worthy; however, the dispatch center is more of a must rather than a need.

The important thing, though, is for residents to get out and vote today. The town meeting form of government only succeeds with participation.

It is the duty – and privilege – of each and every resident to do their part in casting a ballot in their respective town elections.