New year, same goals

We have entered a new year and a new decade. This inspires a season of hope and promise. It is a opportunity to set goals and begin anew.

While that likely is the case for many in Greater Nashua, let us not forget those who face a much tougher start to 2020. The reality is local shelters are at or exceeding maximum capacity.

Food pantries and soup kitchens are in need of restocking and funding support. These organizations supplied extra to those in need during the holiday season, yet there has been no decline in demand for these critical support services now that the calendar has turned to a new month and year.

New Hampshire is blessed with low unemployment and opportunities are plentiful. However, high housing costs and related expenses mean even those who are employed may struggle with shelter and food insecurity.

Food and shelter are required to sustain life, yet we pass people every day who may not have access to one or both of those basic necessities. It is easy to fail to see this very real need before us.

It also is shockingly easy for people to fall through gaping cracks in our broken system of public assistance – a system that often penalizes individuals who are working hard to craft a better life for themselves or their families.

Community spirit and generosity often shine brightest during the holiday season. Neighbors help neighbors and donate to the charitable causes, including The Telegraph’s own Santa Fund.

Come January, that focus wanes, and so do the donations. The spirit of giving seems to get put away, like decorations from the tree, stored safely for another year.

We encourage those who are able to extend the warmth of the holidays into January and beyond. Being kind and giving what you can always makes a difference, no matter the time of year.


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