Be cautious on New Year’s Eve

New Year’s Eve is a let-your-hair down time for many people. We all enjoy a good celebration.

Let’s be certain it doesn’t result in just the opposite. No one likes a driving under the influence ticket and a night in jail. No one enjoys a hospital stay due to injuries suffered in an accident caused by a drunken driver. And no one takes any pleasure in making funeral arrangements for a loved one killed in such a crash.

If you plan to partake of alcoholic beverages on New Year’s Eve, by all means enjoy yourself. But do so responsibly, for yourself and others.

We all know that can be done. Know your limit and don’t drink past it if you plan to drive home. Don’t let friends or family members drive while intoxicated. If you must travel after drinking too much, get a ride with someone else or pay a few dollars for one.

Law enforcement agencies will be out in force on Tuesday night. We encourage them to show no leniency toward drivers who are under the influence.

We urge you not to be one of them.

Happy New Year!


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