Giving thanks to those who helped

With Christmas 2019 but a memory, here are a couple thoughts on the holiday season as we prepare to look forward next week to a new chapter in our community.

• Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s is a time for family, friends and frivolity. For many, relatives travel from far and wide to visit, reminisce and make new memories.

Many others, though, spend the day working and continuing to provide for their families. We would be remiss this holiday season if we didn’t extend a huge thank you to those who take time away from their own families so that we may be safe.

Kudos to police departments, 911 dispatchers, fire departments and first responders throughout Great Nashua and the Souhegan Valley for making this sacrifice. Collectively, we also owe a debt of gratitude to those in the medical profession for caring for the sick and treating those under the weather. Doctors, nurses and all medical technicians often have a thankless job, but their dedication to helping people definitely does not go unnoticed.

We also would like to thank everyone else who worked on the holidays so that we all may enjoy ourselves and our families and friends.

Thank you for all you do.

• Christmastime is the season of giving, and it certainly was once again throughout our region.

Whether it’s donating food to the various food banks, donating to the Santa Fund or giving to any of the other amazing charities in our area, those who share their wealth do not go unnoticed.

Countless thousands of dollars are donated each year, and without those generous contributions, some would go hungry or without gifts for their children during this special season.

It is refreshing to see people help their neighbors who may be experiencing tough times.

Thanks to all who have made those less fortunate a part of their holiday by giving so generously. The season certainly is brighter because of it.


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