A helping hand

Veterans Count – a program of Easterseals New Hampshire – has long been on the front lines of helping those who have served our country.

The work the group does – and the support they lend – is enormous and very much appreciated by not only Granite State veterans, but by those who understand the tremendous need for that assistance.

Recently, Veterans Count released its annual impact report for fiscal year 2019 – Sept. 1, 2018, to Aug. 31, 2019.

A few snapshots from the report truly shows their impact:

• 1,522 service members/veterans were served.

• 3,042 individuals received services.

• 4,487 referrals were made to community and military resources.

• $1,141 in medical assistance was given.

• $30,764 in dental assistance was given.

• $630,000 in care coordination was provided.

• $95,971 in rent assistance was distributed.

• $118,112 in transportation assistance was given.

• $46,548 in utilities assistance was provided.

• $13,858 in mortgage assistance was given.

• $13,336 in food assistance was given.

• 77 at-risk families received assistance to prevent homelessness.

• 80 individuals were linked to mental health treatment.

• 4 interventions of significant suicide risk were made.

• 50 homeless families secured permanent/transitional housing.

• 87 program participants obtained employment and 120 jobs were secured by participants.

• $38,847 in other funding was distributed.

In total, 774 Army veterans, 175 Marine Corps veterans, 275 Navy veterans, 210 Air Force veterans, 25 Coast Guard veterans and 62 others received assistance.

Veterans Count makes a massive difference in all our communities and deserves praise for the work they do.

Here’s to another successful year in helping those in need.


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