Affordable housing needed

Housing – especially affordable housing – has long been an issue in New Hampshire.

Oftentimes, simply finding a place to live when relocating to or moving within the Granite state is difficult and frustrating.

Last week, UnitedStatesZipCodes.org released a study on the New Hampshire communities with the cheapest and most expensive rents using the latest data from the U.S. Census Bureau.

The communities with the cheapest housing costs are:

1. North Stratford, $597

2. Errol, $623

3. Pittsburg, $696

4. Milan, $731

5. Groveton, $732

6. Littleton, $738

7. Berlin, $743

8. Gorham, $744

9. Warren, $760

10. North Woodstock, $768

The communities with the most expensive housing costs are:

1. Windham, $2,298

2. Newfields, $2,199

3. Amherst, $2,163

4. Bedford, $2,135

5. Brookline, $2,066

6. Hollis, $2,045

7. Chester, $2,035

8. East Kingston, $2,035

9. Hampton Falls, $1,986

10. Atkinson, $1,984

As the list shows, rental pricing ranges widely through the state, from a low of just under $600 a month to a high of almost $2,300 a month.

Several communities in Greater Nashua are on the high-end list, including Amherst, Bedford, Brookline and Hollis.

Nashua may not be in the Top 10 most expensive places to rent in New Hampshire, but costs throughout the city are high, typically $1,200 and up.

If growth in the Granite State continues, prices only will go up. While the city of Nashua has done an amazing job at adding housing – with several projects underway – more focus is needed so that families can comfortably afford housing.


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