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Learning the ropes

By Staff | Oct 13, 2019

Quite obviously, working as a firefighter is a hazardous job under any circumstances. Therefore, anyone who decides to put his or her life in danger to protect others deserves to have the best training and equipment possible.

Currently, Nashua Fire Rescue newcomers Alex Smith, Kyle Lewis, Patrick Bue and Steve Maffee are learning at the Four Hills Landfill training facility.

“They’re stretching lines off the apparatus – entering the building,” Capt. Glenn Nielsen, the head of the department’s Training and Safety Division, said after running one of the many drills with the new recruits on Monday.

Training requirements for Nashua firefighters include 40 weeks of Fire 1 and Fire 2 training. Recruits must pass numerous tests to become certified firefighters.

Those joining Nashua Fire Rescue must complete these trainings, as well as department-specific drills prior to being assigned to work at stations throughout the city.

Nashua Assistant Fire Chief George Walker said the four newcomers are showing solid progress.

“They’ve come together as a crew and learned how to communicate with each other and depend on each other and build that camaraderie,” Walker said.

We hope Nashua officials provide these and all recruits with the best opportunity to succeed. This includes updated equipment and extensive training.

Part of having such a terrific city is making sure services such as fire and rescue are outstanding. We wish these four new firefighters the best of luck moving forward.


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