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Alarmed by videos

By Staff | Oct 10, 2019

We are greatly disturbed by the videos recently posted to social media by the father of a Fairgrounds Middle School student, which appear to show the female student being repeatedly punched in the face by another female student.

The alleged victim’s father told our reporter he has been trying to deal with the matter via school officials. However, he said that after school leaders told him there was nothing they could do about the situation, he decided to post videos to social media.

The videos quickly achieved viral status.

“Now, I’m understanding fully why kids are acting the way they’re acting, committing suicide. When you reach out for help and everyone at every avenue denies you, it’s disgusting,” the father told The Telegraph.

A video posted from Sept. 27 appears to show the girl pulled to the ground by her hair – and subsequently punched or slapped in the face several times. Another student is the one who reportedly videotaped the incident.

The father said on Monday, his daughter was attacked again, this time by a different girl while she was looking in the opposite direction. Once again it was filmed, and this time, her father said, she was hit about 25 times.

“They basically all told me there’s nothing we can do,” the father said of his conversations with school personnel.

Meanwhile, school Superintendent Jahmal Mosley said this incident does not represent the Nashua School District.

“We want every student who attends Fairgrounds Middle School and all Nashua District schools to be safe and we will not condone any acts of violence and videotaping any acts of violence,” he added.

Fights among middle schoolers are most certainly nothing new. However, the prevalence of smartphones and the reality of social media are what make the situation new.

At one time, a clash of students could be brushed off as horseplay, or a simple disagreement among friends.

Unfortunately, in the days of school shootings, those in charge have no choice but to take these matters quite seriously.

Therefore, we urge Mosley and other school officials to get to the bottom of this situation as quickly as possible. Those who are to blame must be receive the appropriate punishment so they know this type of behavior is unacceptable.


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