Consider BOA run

Rarely does a day pass that we do not get a phone call, email, Facebook message, or some other form of communication complaining about something going on in our city.

On Tuesday, we might field a complaint about streets filled with potholes. On Wednesday, it could be a someone upset with used drug needles found on the ground. By Thursday, someone else is wondering why the streets still have potholes. Friday might find us getting a complaint about a city employee allegedly sleeping while on the job.

Those who gripe about issues in the city have an opportunity to address the problems by serving as Board of Aldermen members. Twelve of the 15 seats on the board are up for election this year. Those who currently occupy the positions to be contested are as follows:

Ward 1 – Jan Schmidt

Ward 2 – Richard Dowd

Ward 3 – Patricia Klee

Ward 4 – Thomas Lopez

Ward 5 – Ernest Jette

Ward 6 – Ken Gidge

Ward 7 – June Caron

Ward 8 – Mary Ann Melizzi-Golja

Ward 9 – Linda Harriott-


At Large – Lori Wilshire

At Large – Michael O’Brien

At Large – Ben Clemons

City Clerk Patricia Piecuch said the only qualification for those interested in running is that they are a duly qualified voter in the ward he or she seeks to represent, which is in accordance with City Charter. Those seeking an at large seat can live anywhere in the city.

Petition forms are available in the City Clerk’s Office, as well as online by clicking Government, Elections and Voting. Instructions for the completion of these petitions can be found on the city website by clicking 2019 Instructions for Candidates at, https://www.nashuanh.gov/195/Elections.

The filing of petitions begins at 8 a.m. Aug. 27. Filing ends at 5 p.m. Sept. 6.

Last month, no one filed to challenge Mayor Jim Donchess for his position this year. We certainly hope to see multiple challengers for these 12 Board of Aldermen seats. This is not because we have negative feelings toward any of them, but because a city of nearly 90,000 people should surely have more than 15 people who want to serve as members of its governing body.