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Pride in the park

By Staff | May 10, 2019

Though skateboarding may not be for everyone, Nashua has a fine facility for those who wish to participate in the form of the David W. Deane Skateboard Park.

“This park here is definitely, in my opinion, the best in the whole Northeast right now. In my opinion, this one blows the Boston park out of the doors.”

These are the comments Nolan Munroe, a 2012 X Games bronze medalist in skateboarding, told our reporter on Tuesday.

Though not a native, Munroe is no stranger to Nashua, as he is currently a sophomore at Rivier University. He is planning a summer camp at the Nashua park to both help youngsters learn the basics of skating, while showing the public that skateparks are not unfriendly places.

“The goal is to really show people that skateparks aren’t a bad place for kids to be. It’s a place for everyone,” told our reporter.

Registration for the camp can be found at, https://nashua.recdesk.com/Community/Home.

Munroe said he hopes, by the end of the camp, participants will be comfortable enough to use the ramps at the park. He wants to make inexperienced young skaters, and their parents, feel welcome at the park.

We admit to having only basic knowledge of skateboarding, so we will defer to Munroe regarding the quality of Nashua’s park. We hope those who have interest in skateboarding will take advantage of the facility, located near the Nashua River and Stellos Stadium.

Just remember to be careful, as the sport can obviously be quite dangerous for those who are inexperienced.


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