Students show real class

It is said that our children are our greatest treasure and the future of our great community and country.

This is once again on display at one local high school.

The class of 2020 at Nashua High School South has come up with a unique way to get all their classmates involved and feeling welcome.

From 7-9 p.m. tonight, South will host the inaugural Unified Spring Carnival Dance, welcoming handicapped/disabled and non-handicapped/non-disabled students to partake in a night of festive fun.

Working from the idea of unified athletics, the class of 2020 came up with the concept to reinvent a age-old school dance.

In the past, special education students have had their own proms. Class of 2020 officer Jiyun Lee the goal is to do this more many years to come, and that this event will have a more casual feel.

Class of 2020 officer Lia Whitesel said another goal was to reach out to athletes who play on South’s unified sports teams, and have them come to help create “a very diverse and unified environment where everyone can just have fun.”

The night’s festivities will include carnival-type games a food set up in the hallways. In addition, they have set aside a quiet room in case the noise becomes too loud for some students.

In today’s world, inclusiveness should be a given. Common ground – regardless of culture backgrounds, socioeconomic status and even disability – is had by all.

We are fortunate that this generation of students are so forward thinking, tolerant and inclusive of their peers.

These students certainly deserve recognition for what they are doing.