Hudson can take pride in community accomplishment

It’s been a long time coming. More than 20 years, in fact, but life for Hudson’s senior citizens will get a little nicer in March with the expected opening of the town’s new senior center.

From Kimball Hill Road, near the main entrance to Benson Park, motorists have watched the $1.8 million project take shape since ground was broken in June. Just in time for winter, the building now is weathertight and the bulk of the construction efforts have moved inside.

The center is an example of what a community can achieve when it sets a goal and then enlists a broad range of residents to invest in the cause.

For two decades Hudson senior citizens conducted raffles, fairs, rummage sales and yard sales. They worked at Old Home Days, sold items in their second-hand shop and did countless other things to raise money. It was a passionate and relentless pursuit fueled by an unwavering commitment to build a facility that will benefit the town for generations to come.

Over the years, hundreds, if not thousands of Hudson residents contributed to the cause. However large or small their contributions, people in the community can all be proud of what they have achieved, because everybody has a piece of it.


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