It could be like rain delays at every game

When it comes to waiting for a championship, Chicago Cubs fans are the most patient in history. It’s been 105 years since the Cubbies won the World Series, and a painful 68 years since they even appeared in the Fall Classic. Any team can have a bad century, but the plight of the Cubs defies the laws of probability.

But when it comes to game-day patience, Red Sox fans are the most suffering. On average, a baseball game at Fenway Park consumes three hours and eight minutes – tops in the major leagues. Second place? Surprise, surprise. Yankee Stadium, at three hours and five minutes. Is it any wonder, that when the two teams play each other, the games last longer than a Fidel Castro speech.

One of the big challenges facing Major League Baseball is the length of games. In the 1970s, the average length of a game was two hours 30 minutes. Today, the shortest average is two hours and forty-four minutes at Safeco Field in Seattle.

Don’t look now fans, but things are going to get worse before they get better. MLB this week expanded instant replay to include many more umpire decisions. he good news is, countless bad calls will be reversed and the best team on any given night will be more likely prevail. The bad news is, you might not be awake to know it.


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