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GOP continues to embrace Trump, to country’s peril

WASHINGTON -- Frustrated by Senate Republicans' refusal to join a bipartisan commission looking into the Jan. 6 insurrection on Capitol Hill, Speaker Nancy Pelosi has ordered a House-only version with eight Democrats and five Republicans to undertake the task. At best, it may be an exercise ...

The greatest revolution the world has ever known

It's been a hard time for the American Revolution. It's been smeared by The New York Times 1619 project as a fight to preserve slavery. Juneteenth, a worthy event in its own right, is considered by some as a candidate to replace July 4, marking a supposedly more palatable and less flawed ...

Lying with a straight face

All politicians tell lies, but the Biden-Harris administration is taking lies to a new level. They now want us to disbelieve what we can see. To paraphrase a quote attributed to the 19th-century British Prime Minister Benjamin Disraeli, there are lies, damn lies ... and then there is Vice ...

A pandemic silver lining: Transformed health care delivery

COVID-19 transformed how Americans get health care. Before the pandemic, when people felt sick, they went through a familiar drill -- make an appointment, drive to the doctor's, and all too often, wait. But as health-care providers reduced in-person visits during the pandemic, all that ...