Parking woes continue

There is clearly a lot of faith in the economic future of Milford. Look at the restaurants going up at the corner of Nashua and South streets and at the old Souhegan Bank building on Nashua Street. And look at how well so many long-established restaurants are doing on the Oval.

And now look at the new brewery plans from the folks who run The Pasta Loft. But one could wonder what, exactly, is a nanobrewery? Well, here is the definition from the ProBrewer website:

“The most-widely accepted description of nanobreweries is a brewery that produces in batches of three barrels or smaller. Based on that criteria, there are upwards of 300 breweries operating in the United States as of summer 2014 that would qualify. That would mean they account for nearly 10 percent of the nation’s craft breweries.”

There are quite a few nanobreweries in New Hampshire, according to the website Brewing News, including Lithermoms Limited Brewery in Concord, Garrison City Beerworks in Dover, Branch and Blade Brewing in Keene and Post and Beam Brewing in Peterborough, so it’s a pretty well-established business. There are even three in Nashua: Millyard Brewery, Odd Fellows Brewing, and Spyglass Brewing, according to Brewing News of Feb. 8, 2019.

But Pasta Loft’s will be the first in this area and the only one between Nashua and Peterborough.

To us, the big thing is the faith that Connor and all the other folks building or expanding have in Milford. That speaks well of the town.

Still, all is not rosy as Connor pointed out in our story last week. Parking has always been and continues to be a problem. Yet, that doesn’t seem to worry him. While some people get frustrated, other customers are more determined and find ways to get to where they want to go.

And that seems to be the future because so far, no one has come up with a plan to solve the parking issue.

We can only hope that we will all be able to rejoice in this paraphrase of an old adage:

“If you build it, they’ll find a parking space.”