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Scott Newman

Feb 3, 2022

NEWMAN, SCOTT, of Waltham, and originally from Nashua, N.H., died suddenly of complications from heart disease on January 16, 2022. He was 54.

Scott was funny, humble, and caring. He adored his family and cherished his friends. The feeling was mutual, as Scott was everyone’s treasured relative and best pal. Whether watching football with Dave, cooking meals with Vinny, picking apples with his mom, or enjoying the sun and surf on Plum Island with his brothers and dad, Scott made the event special.

Along with his family and friends, Scott surrounded himself with tasty food and good music. Scott’s homemade guacamole was legendary, and he could recite a Grateful Dead lyric to fit any occasion. Scott often brought his tunes and culinary concoctions to Gillette Stadium, where he tailgated with Patriots Nation and cheered his team on. He also enjoyed the local music scene, becoming an avid fan of Jiggle the Handle and their acoustic offshoot, the Coal Boilers.

In his youth, Scott excelled at sports. On the baseball field, intrepid runners learned the hard way not to try to steal second base when Scott was behind the plate. And when a clutch hit was needed, he routinely delivered. At Nashua High School, Scott played tight end on the varsity football team, helping lead the Purple Panthers to a state championship.

Scott was as gentle and kind with animals as he was with people. He had a special bond with his dog, Moses, often replying to his pup’s squeals with rejoinders such as, “Roo to you, too.” His cats, Spark and Ollie, also could not have had a better home.

Simply put, Scott was a decent human being. Scott was lighthearted, with an easy chuckle and a twinkle in his eye. He had a lot of friends because he was a good friend to them. Scott had only good things to say about other people. He was genuinely concerned about the environment, animal welfare, and helping others. Scott made everyday decisions for the greater good and didn’t hesitate to “be there” when needed.

After graduating from Nashua High School, Scott earned a bachelor’s degree from Northeastern University. For the past 20 years, Scott proudly worked in advertising sales for Register Tape Unlimited, Inc., becoming well-known and well-liked by the many clients in his territory.

Scott’s bond with his family was exceptionally strong. Scott talked every day with his parents and brothers, and he was an involved uncle to his nieces and nephew. His visits to his mother and sister-in-law were usually graced with a bouquet of flowers. Our time spent with Scott was priceless, and we wish we had yet more.

Scott is survived by his father, Elliot, of Newburyport, Mass.; his mother, Leila Deurell, of Stratham, N.H.; his brother Steele, sister-in-law Yaming, and niece Anna, of Mukilteo, Wash.; his brother Todd, sister-in-law Heidi, nephew Adam, and niece Anna, of West Newbury, Mass.; and his great aunt, Charlotte Feldman, of Dedham, Mass.

When the weather warms and outdoor gatherings become possible, a celebration of life will take place in Scott’s honor. Family and friends will be notified of the details.