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Radiation Center of Greater Nashua celebrates 30 years

By Staff | Oct 15, 2022

NASHUA – Last week, the Radiation Center of Greater Nashua celebrated 30 years of providing radiation therapy to the Greater Nashua Community. A ribbon cutting ceremony kicked off the event. Medical leaders, industry partners and community advocates participated. A brief address about recent innovations in Breast Cancer honored the upcoming awareness month.

The Radiation Center of Greater Nashua was established in 1992 through a partnership between, St. Joseph Hospital, Southern NH Medical Center, and the current Dartmouth Health. Now, 30 years later, the Center has treated thousands of patients and is regarded as a premiere radiation facility.

“We are proud to rededicate another 30 years of exceptional care to the Greater Nashua community where we are honored to radiate hope,” said Richard Plamondon, Chairman of the Board for the Radiation Center of Greater Nashua. “Our vision from the beginning was to create a freestanding radiation therapy center that would provide exceptional treatment for patients, in their community and at a lower cost.”

Recently, the Center became the 1st and only Center in New England to offer mark and tattoo-free radiation treatment for breast cancer. Stephen Harris, Medical Director of the Radiation Center of Greater Nashua presented a brief update on ‘Innovations in Breast Cancer at the celebration.

Over the last few years, the lasting effect of surgery scars and permanent, unwanted tattoos from radiation therapy has come to the forefront of research. These daily reminders make it difficult for cancer survivors to move forward and beyond their breast cancer diagnosis. Today, breast surgeons have crafted their surgical technique to offer “Hidden Scar Breast Cancer Surgery.” After breast surgery, patients can now receive Mark and Tattoo-free Radiation Therapy. Breast Surgeons and Radiation Oncologists are combining these “Innovations in Breast Care Treatment” to provide the Greater Nashua Community with local access to treatments that consider a patient’s physical and emotional well-being.

“Studies show that breast surgery and radiation scars significantly impact a woman’s psychological and emotional recovery and quality of life after surgery because scars can have a large impact on a woman’s self-confidence and body image,” said Stephen Harris. “As October and Breast Cancer Awareness Month approach, we are excited to honor survivors and provide another layer of hope for patients by offering these complex treatments to minimize the visible reminders for breast cancer survivors.”

“The availability of these treatments at our Center is quickly spreading through the medical community, and we are being referred patients from other states, including the Boston medical community,” added Stephen Harris, MD.

The Greater Nashua community is home to a diverse group of specialists who collectively and collaboratively support a patient’s treatment, whether for Breast Cancer or different type of cancer.

“These specialists communicate, and coordinate treatment plans every day, and at hospital meetings they review medical information with consulting experts from academic world-renowned institutions like Dartmouth, MGH, Dana Farber and Brigham-Women’s Hospital,” said Stephen Harris, MD. “This approach allows each patient’s care team to incorporate 1st, 2nd and 3rd opinions into a specialized treatment plan that uniquely addresses their diagnosis. We are honored to be part of a visionary group of caregivers who are integrating innovative surgical techniques into their care plans and practice.”

Richard Plamondon added, “This journey continues to be possible through meaningful relationships with our medical colleagues and partners as well as our commitment to adopt leading industry technology and innovative treatment techniques.”

Video link on technology Tattoo-Free Radiation Therapy

To receive more information, please contact Andy DesRosiers at 603-880-1590 or adesrosiers@radiationcenternashua.org.


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