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Ukulele Festival raises funds for charity

By Staff | Sep 26, 2022

The Southern New Hampshire Ukulele Group raised $1,100 at a recent event, their seventh annual ukulele festival “SNHUGFEST,” to benefit the Ukulele Kids Club.

The funds will be used by the Ukulele Kids Club to purchase instruments for children’s hospitals with music therapy programs, including several here in New Hampshire. The UKC donates these instruments to music therapists who then teach the hospitalized children how to play. The child brings the instrument home with them as a “gift for life.” The UKC is a NH registered 501(c)(3) charity.

June Pinkham, co-organizer for SNHUG, said, “I have seen first-hand how putting this happy little instrument in the hands of a sick child brings smiles and provides comfort in a very stressful environment.” The UKC has donated over 14,000 ukuleles to date to hospitals nationwide.

The event was held on the Rotary Arts Pavilion Stage at Henry Law Park in scenic downtown Dover, New Hampshire on Saturday, September 24, 2022. Featured performers included solo artists Kristina Looney and Rich “Amazing Dick” Leufstedt. Ukulele groups included, The Unlikely Strummers, Desperate Strings Trio, The Austin17 Band, The FLUKES, Ukulele Strummers of Southern Maine, June and the Honey Badgers, Co-Host the Ukes of Hazard, and SNHUG.

SNHUG was organized eleven years ago and meets every other Friday at Austin17 in Brentwood. They are open to players of all levels. Meetings include classes, workshops, jam sessions, and open mics. To date, SNHUG has raised over $90,000 for charity, most going to the UKC. For information contact SNHUG@outlook.com and visit www.facebook/snhug

The Southern NH Ukulele Group’s seventh annual festival drew an enthusiastic crowd of over 200 and raised $1100 for the UKC. Total funds raised by SNHUG is over $90,000. Their mission is to “do a little good” in their community.


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