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Charlotte Avenue Elementary School: Leaders from within

By Brittany Mahany - Special to The Sunday Telegraph | Feb 26, 2022

Coming back from remote learning to start the school year being in school full-time with their peers, students at Charlotte Avenue Elementary School desired a renewed sense of belonging at school.

Staff has helped students build community, self-awareness and become leaders at Charlotte Avenue School. Our students have learned many things since returning to school, including learning that leaders can vary in appearance and skillset. Anyone can be a leader!

We found a great way to instill a sense of belonging through developing Charlotte Avenue student-only positions or jobs at school. Staff designed descriptions of jobs for students to take on during the school day. Students visited often the CAS Leadership Roles job board to see available or newly posted positions. If interested, they would fill out an application. Posted jobs include custodial support, library managers, book closet organizer, chorus captains, art room helpers, and office assistants.

Students were abuzz when the first round of leadership jobs was posted, rushing to apply and wondering who would be hired for each available position. We have seen such a positive impact on students being part of this process this year, feeling especially empowered in their school.

“It was pretty fun,” said Davi Ferreira, CAS Fourth Grader who took on the role of a custodian assistant. “I liked cleaning the hallways and helping the school. The application process is pretty easy, but you do have to think of three reasons why you’d be great at that job. If you love helping, it’s great to have a job around the school.”

Lila Saad, CAS Fifth Grader, explained why it is important to take advantage of these roles at school. “I helped teachers who might not have enough time. Also, the experience helps you get skills for a job that you may get in the future.” Lila said, “I got to cut out things for future projects and help set up the book fair.”

“The library manager was my favorite job because there were new things to do to help Mrs. McKnight in the library,” said Rani Thantu, CAS Fifth Grader. “We got to make a bulletin board, stamped books, and placed the Charlotte Ave barcode on books.”

The staff at Charlotte Ave continuously rehire new students to embrace as many students as possible in this process. Together, with our students, we can achieve anything.

Brittany Mahany is assistant principal at Charlotte Avenue Elementary School. She may be reached at mahanyb@nashua.edu.


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