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President Ronald Reagan’s Address to the Nation on the Challenger Disaster – Jan. 28, 1986

By Staff | Jan 23, 2021
FILE - This Jan. 28, 1986, file photo shows President Ronald Reagan in the Oval Office of the White House after a televised address to the nation about the space shuttle Challenger explosion. In moments of crisis, American presidents have sought to summon words to match the moment in the hope that the power of oratory can bring order to chaos and despair. (AP Photo/Dennis Cook, File)
FILE - In this Jan. 28, 1986 file photo, the Space Shuttle Challenger explodes shortly after lifting off from Kennedy Space Center, in Fla. All seven crew members died in the explosion, which was blamed on faulty o-rings in the shuttle's booster rockets. Bob Ebeling had spent three decades filled with guilt over not stopping the explosion of Challenger, but found relief in the weeks before his death Monday, March 21, 2016, at age 89. NPR reports Ebeling had been a booster rocket engineer at a NASA contractor during the launch. He tried to convince them to postpone it, saying the cold temperatures could cause the shuttle to explode. (AP Photo/Bruce Weaver, File)


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