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Scavenging up some fun in a time when social distancing is encouraged

By Sara Stauch | Mar 22, 2020

HUDSON – I’m a preschool teacher, so in the spring I typically take my students for walks and do a scavenger hunt related to nature. Between my boyfriend and I, we have five children at home right now ranging in age from 4-17. The younger ones get a little stir crazy.

Originally, I was going to create a scavenger hunt and share it with the families of the school where I teach, but then I figured there was no harm in making it available to anyone who needed an idea to pass the time!

I actually just added a new hunt Friday that my family has yet to complete yet.

To join along virtually, visit us on Facebook at: https://www.facebook.com/events/515320132516263/

That’s where you will find the following:

While social interaction is greatly frowned upon right now, we are all well aware that social media has proven to be a great form of interaction.

It has also been suggested that taking walks and enjoying the outdoors is a great idea during this time of illness. Why not combine these for some fun and do a scavenger hunt!?!

Take a walk and find (some or all) of the items listed. Take pictures, feel free to include yourself, your pets, or your children (whatever you are comfortable with). Share your finds with us!!

This event is meant to add a little fun during a not-so-fun moment in time. Negative comments, vulgar language, bullying and disrespect of any sort will not be allowed. Anyone showing this behavior will be immediately removed and blocked from the event.

Let’s begin!!

Things to find:

First Hunt:

1. Flower Buds

2. A piece of litter being cleaned up.

3. The dreaded #19

4. A blue house

5. A yellow car

6. Fire Hydrant

7. An endangered roll of toilet paper

8. A chalk drawing on the ground

9. A shadow

10. A pine cone

Second Hunt:

1. Something bumpy

2. Something red

3. Something fuzzy

4. Something that flies

5. A yellow house

6. A flag

7. A squirrel, chipmunk, or other creature of nature

8. A cloud

9. A rock big enough to stand on

10. Something that’s a rectangle.

Third Hunt:

This one will be a little more challenging and hopefully produce a variety of pictures?.

1. Use only things found in nature to spell “Corona”

2. Get from here to there on something with wheels that is NOT motorized.

3. Score 10 baskets. Don’t have a basketball hoop? Be creative?

4. Find a street or a road with the name of someone famous. (Example: River Road-River Phoenix. It’s the best I could come up with.)

5. Three things that are the same, but at the same time different?

6. Something that can change over time.

7. Something that begins with each of the following letters F-U-N

8. Something normally seen at the beach.

9. Something that makes your heart feel happy.

10. Pick a popular kids song, and now find a way to tell us what it is without using words!


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