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Gov. pushes back on road exit renumbering

By ASSOCIATED PRESS - | Nov 29, 2019

MANCHESTER (AP) – New Hampshire Gov. Chris Sununu is speaking out against a plan to renumber highway exits.

The Republican governor said in a tweet Wednesday that “exit numbers are a point of pride,” and “we shouldn’t let Washington bureaucrats threaten to take that away.”

New Hampshire’s Department of Transportation endorsed the federal plan to renumber highway exits by mile maker instead of sequentially. Officials say the state could lose federal funding if it doesn’t make the change.

Neighboring Vermont also hasn’t switched. Most states have done so; Rhode Island plans to start Monday.

Sununu told WMUR-TV, “the exit you live on says something about us and your town,” and that “we’re going to put up a fight on this one.”

Sununu says even with federal funding, the state would have to pay $1 million for renumbering.


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