Fairgrounds officials ordered to attend upcoming court hearing in alleged bullying, assault case

NASHUA – A district court judge has issued final orders of protection against the alleged perpetrators of last month’s assaults at Fairgrounds Middle School, and in doing so, ordered school officials to design proposals on how to best implement those orders and bring those plans to court.

Judge Patricia Quigley wrote in her orders she wants school officials to appear at an upcoming court hearing “with a proposal as to how this order may be amended so that both parties can attend school … (and) the plaintiff would remain safe.”

The date of the hearing remains pending; Quigley stated it will be scheduled “as soon as the court calendar permits.”

Her newly-issued order, meanwhile, requires the two 12-year-old girls who allegedly threatened and assaulted Mia LaCrosse to have no contact with her by any means for at least one year.

They also must stay at least 300 feet from her, stay away from her residence, and they “shall not stalk, or abuse,” members of her family during that one-year period, according to the order.

The orders are almost identical except for minor variations, the most significant of which appears to indicate one of the girls is not currently attending Fairgrounds Middle School.

In the order in the girl’s file, Quigley refers to the alleged victim’s safety “if the defendant is allowed to return to school.”

The apparent assaults, which were captured on video and posted to social media, sparked days worth of spirited online discussion, much of which faulted school officials for what critics called their lack of response and unwillingness to provide information to parents and the public.

The alleged victim’s father, Chad LaCrosse, said at the time that he posted online the videos showing a girl, whom he identified as his 12-year-old daughter Mia, being pulled to the ground by her hair and repeatedly punched in the face.

He said he posted them after being unable to get any substantive information from school officials. LaCrosse also vowed he and his daughter “are going about it the right way,” referring to their handling of the situation.

“I’m not going to encourage her to fight these girls,” he said. Instead, “we’re going to set the image that we’re going to go to school and we’re going to keep pushing forward … and we’re going to pursue this legally,” LaCrosse added.

In a separate development that came to light at the same time the Fairgrounds issue was going on, two administrators at Elm Street Middle School were in the process of being placed on administrative leave.

Superintendent Jahmal Mosley announced his decision to place Elm Street Principal Ian Atwell and Assistant Principal Kelly Holmes on administrative leave, but he did not divulge the reasons for the move.

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