More woes for Milford school district

Turmoil at Milford High School seems to be escalating amid alleged remarks made by the newly hired principal there, Chali Davis.

This is in addition to a “right to know,” petition filed by George Hoyt of Milford regarding the posting of school board meeting minutes. Hoyt also filed a “conflict of grievance,” motion.

In a presentation during a school assembly on Friday, Sept. 27, Davis was speaking to the student body about achieving one’s goals.

According to a student, Davis made a remark and added something to the effect that even Hitler had goals, though his were evil.

That student’s parent, Jaime Morgan, who been publicly frustrated with some of the school district and school board’s conduct this calendar year, forwarded an email to the Cabinet, which she sent to numerous school representatives, including Milford superintendent Dr. Jessica Huizenga, school board chair Ron Carvell, board members Holleigh Ciardelli Tlapa, Kevin Drew and Mike Hannon, assistant principal Mike Tenters and Davis.

A public relations representative for the district, John Guilfoil, returned a call placed to Ms. Davis by the Cabinet. Their official response was, “no comment at this time.”

Morgan is one among many parents who have been discontented by the Sept. 27 presentation, as the Cabinet has received emails and phone calls about the debacle.

Morgan expressed concern in her email to Davis, who at this time, did not want to share the slideshow PPT with her but did not see a distinction in sharing the slides with the entire student body.

“If you do not feel comfortable giving your slides to a parent without having sit down with that parent to explain you notes, then perhaps you should not have shared those slides with my child and the student body,” wrote Morgan.

Morgan’s email further stated that if her child’s teacher made a presentation in class that she questioned, she would not hesitate to ask that educator or the administration for the slides.

And in an unrelated story, Milford resident George Hoyt has filed an appeal, per the Milford school board policy #2412 language, citing “there may be a conflict of interest present with the current Board Chair being in the position of Board Chair.”

“Per the authority granted to the Board Chair by School Board Policy #2130, The School Board Chair signs off on collecting bargaining agreements and other matters herein granted to the Chair by the Board. Thus, doing so, with the current language of #2412, constitutes a violation of policy #2412 due the Board Chair having a “family member” as a District Employee – as such defined in policy #2412,” Hoyt’s petition said.

He went on to say that he requesting, “that the Board in public session (public session per RSA 91A) investigate this discrepancy with the policy and look into possible conflict of interest present with the Board Chair due to the incumbent language of School Board Policy, #2412.”

Hoyt also filed a “right to know,” request about board minutes that haven’t been posted publicly since January 2018

“I was just curious as to what was really going on in the district,” said Hoyt, who is also the vice chair of the recycling committee in Milford. “I really care about the district.”

Previously, Hoyt has organized the school board candidate debate for the past three years and as a high school student, was a member of the school district budget committee.

In response to Hoyt’s request for the school board minutes to be posted on the district’s website, Janice French, administrative assistant to the superintendent’s office, told Hoyt via email that the minutes were sealed under RSA 91-A:3, II (a), and therefore would not be posted.

Hoyt is currently a junior at Rivier University in Nashua.