N.H. woman facing fraud allegations

NASHUA – Lilia Pagan, 27, of Center Barnstead, faces felony theft and forgery charges after her Tuesday arrest.

On May 21, officers received a report of a fraud. The victim reported a check was stolen, forged and cashed. Detectives furthered the investigation. They came to believe that Pagan, who was known to the victim, was responsible for cashing this forged check at a Nashua bank. During the course of the investigation, it was discovered Pagan also unsuccessfully attempted to cash the same check at a different Nashua bank earlier that day. The check involved was made out for an amount in excess of $1,500. Upon completion of the investigation, detectives obtained an arrest warrant for Pagan.

Pagan was released on personal recognizance bail and will be arraigned at the Hillsborough Superior Court-South on Sept. 19.