Boards of Aldermen, Education races are set

NASHUA — A number of candidates have come forward seeking positions with the city’s Board of Aldermen, Board of Education and other government bodies ahead of the Nov. 5 general election — and the filing period is now closed.

While some are seeking their first term, others are coming in with years of experience in the offices they hope to fill.

Sandra Ziehm, for example has 12 years experience on the Board of Education. After a couple years off, she is looking to return to her post, as she served for three consecutive terms, including a run as chair.

Ziehm said it was an honor to serve the children of Nashua, although citing that she is well aware that some board meetings can be contentious.

“My heart’s desire is to build bridges, not road blocks, and to listen to everyone,” Ziehm said.

She said people can start out having one opinion, but sometimes in hearing the whole argument from all parties, opinions may change.

“When we don’t talk to each other with respect and civility, then it’s a lose-lose for everybody, especially the kids,” Ziehm said.

Moreover, in terms of those running for Board of Aldermen, there a number of familiar faces, as well as newcomers seeking seats. One of those new faces is former New Hampshire House of Representatives member Kevin Scully, who is eyeing the Ward 6 Alderman seat.

“I want to provide the services to our Ward 6 folks and be that representative they need in terms of making sure that they receive the city services that they’re entitled to,” Scully said. “The other major issue is to keep an eye on the purse.”

Scully said he does not want the government to do too much, thereby creating an undue burden on the homeowners and taxpayers of his ward.

A first-time candidate seeking a seat on the board is Melbourne Moran Jr. who is running for a four-year term as Alderman-at-Large. He said prior to entering social work, he gained plenty of experience in business management and fiscal responsibility.

“I have a lot of shared values with those I’m running against, but I think I have a slight different perspective on the city and I hope to bring that perspective to the voters and see if they can recognize a positive difference between me and the other candidates,” Moran said.

Current Ward 9 Alderwoman Linda Harriott-Gathright is seeking to keep her seat on the board. With experience as both a state House member and a member of the BOA, she hopes to continue serving the city.

“My goal is to bring that money to Nashua that we’ve been missing for a few years,” Harriott-Gathright added.

All filings for races in the city are as follows:


(Three Will Be Elected)

Lori Wilshire, of 39 Pine Hill Ave.

Benjamin Clemons, of 188 Ash St.

Melbourne Moran Jr., of 30 Dickerman St.

Michael O’Brien Sr., of 4 Woodfield St.

Board of Education

(Five Will Be Elected)

Jessica Brown, of 22 Hampton Drive.

Sharon Giglio, of 29 Tascheveau Blvd.

Renata Olszewski, of 20 Beaujolais Drive.

Sandra Ziehm, of 50 Haines St.

Jennifer Bishop, of 45 East Dunstable Road.

Jamila Scales, of 28 Marian Lane.

Anthony Sanichara, of 28 Green Heron Lane.

Doris Hohensee, of 15 Swart Terrace.

Burton Janz, of 31 Syracuse Road.

Paula Johnson, of 15 Westborn Drive.

Howard Coffman, of 6 Gettysburg Drive.

Greg Surbey, of 10 Dane St.

Fire Commission

(Three Will Be Elected)

Kevin Burgess, of 43 Wood St.

Paul Garant, of 163 Harris Road.

Manuel Pimental, 6 Nova Road.

Thomas Stawasz, of 28 Vieckis Drive.

Donald Davidson, of 4 Henry David Drive.

Board of Public Works

(Two Will Be Elected)

Joel Ackerman, of 13 Woodcrest Dr.

Kevin Moriarty, of 22 Raymond St.

Shannon Schoneman, of 10 Webster St.

Ward 1 for a two-year term

Incumbent Alderwoman Jan Schmidt, of 11 Pope Circle, faces a challenge from Mark Cookson, 18 Inca Drive.

Moderator: William Bordy, of 21 Hampton Drive.

Clerk: Mary Brundage, of 32 Cathedral Circle.

Selectman: Elaine Thomas, of 3 Shaker Place.

Selectman: June Haskell, of 111 Coburn Woods.

Selectman: John Longan, of 43 Cathedral Circle.

Ward 2 for a two-year term

Incumbent Alderman Richard Dowd, 8 Ascot Park, faces a challenge from Kevin Avard, 57 Sherri Anne Ave.

Moderator: Janet Polaneczky, of 7 Monza Road.

Clerk: Maureen Lund, of 7 Sherman St.

Selectman: Teresa Moler, of 88 Cannongate III Road.

Selectman: Michelle Poor, of 22 White Oak Drive.

Selectman: Richard Dotchin, of 9 Monza Road.

Ward 3 for a two-year term

Incumbent Alderwoman Patricia Klee, of 9 Maywood Drive, is the only candidate who filed.

Moderator: Jeanne Batchelder, of 13 Cabot Drive.

Clerk: Diane Griffith, of 19 Stark St.

Clerk: Amber Logue, of 20 Lock St.

Selectman: Elizabeth C. Lewis, of 40 Stark St.

Selectman: Martha Barrett, of 73 Walden Pond Drive.

Selectman: Paula E. Smith, of 12 Gettysburg Drive.

Ward 4 for a two-year term

Incumbent Alderman Thomas Lopez, 57 Palm St., faces a challenge from Arthur Craffey Jr., 107 Chestnut St.

Selectman: Margaret Gleneck, of 34 Tampa St.

Selectman: Barry Cardin, of 39 Pine Hill Ave.

Selectman: Stacie Marie Laughton, of 80 Elm St.

Ward 5 for a two-year term

Incumbent Alderman Ernest Jette, 15 Foxglove Court, is the only candidate who filed.

Moderator: Trina Clark, of 7 Westborn Drive.

Clerk: Paula Dobens, of 10 Colonial Ave.

Selectman: Frank Clark, of 7 Westborn Drive.

Ward 6 for a two-year term

Incumbent Alderman Ken Gidge, 22 Hayden St., faces three challengers in the forms of Elizabeth Lu, 17 Roby St., Joseph MacIntyre, 40 Roy St., and Kevin Scully, 7 Wildwood Lane.

Moderator: Vicki Henry, 5 Ritter St.

Selectman: Anthony Parise, of 11 Steven St.

Selectman: Ronald Doucette, of 165 Pine St.

Ward 7 for a two-year term

Incumbent Alderwoman June Caron, 24 Montgomery Ave., faces a challenge from Drew Sullivan, 2 Howard St.

Moderator: Timothy Sennott, of 62 Underhill St.

Clerk: Judith Blachek, of 560 South Main St.

Selectman: Elizabeth Forney, 19 Indiana Drive.

Selectman: Louis Juris, of 56 Haines St.

Selectman: Christina Presenti, of 22 Orchard Ave.

Ward 8 for a two-year term

Incumbent Alderwoman Mary Ann Melizzi-Golja did not file for re-election.

Dave MacLaughlin, of 4 Heritage Village Drive, will face Skip Cleaver, of 4 Chadwick Circle.

Moderator: John Lisle, of 68 Bluestone Drive.

Clerk: Steven Goldstein, of 9 Tempo Drive.

Selectman: Linda Bolmarcich, of 10 Wagon Trail.

Selectman: Franklin Bolmarcich, of 10 Wagon Trail.

Ward 9 for a two-year term

Incumbent Alderwoman Linda Harriott-Gathright, 28 Marian Lane, faces a challenge from Bill Ohm, 18 Mount Laurels Drive.

Moderator: Eric Brown, of 22 Stillwater Drive.

Clerk: Emily Adasczik, of 3 Newman Drive.

Selectman: Vijesh Shettigar, of 78 Cadogan Way.