Wells Fargo gives Easterseals $15,000

MANCHESTER – Easterseals New Hampshire Workforce Development program has received a $15,000 grant from the Wells Fargo Foundation to provide high-impact job readiness training and employment for low-income people with disabilities or special needs.

The program helps individuals secure part or full-time employment to promote their independence and financial well-being. Last year, Easterseals Workforce Development served nearly 400 Adults and youth throughout New Hampshire.

“We are very thankful for ongoing support from the Wells Fargo Foundation and for joining us for the past two years in the important work of helping people with disabilities or special needs secure employment,” Easterseals President & CEO Larry Gammon said. “Our priority is to help individuals facing significant barriers to gain skills and work towards employment for a better quality of life. We very much appreciate Wells Fargo for partnering with us for this worthy cause.”

Easterseals provides life-changing opportunities for people with disabilities or special needs providing them not only with a source of income but the dignity that employment offers as a contributing member of society. One of those individuals is Tristan Aho of Manchester.

Tristan arrived at Easterseals as an angry teen who was prone to verbal outbursts and was challenged by a variety of disabilities. While in this program, Tristan moved forward with his education and also progressed through different residential options that increased his independence.

“I knew Tristan needed a straight path to follow in his life after taking so many detours,” said Tristan’s youth support specialist, Angela. “So, we put steps in place to find volunteer positions that involved music. They love him at the music school and he has quickly become part of the team.”