Nashua getting new city clerk

NASHUA — City Clerk Patricia Piecuch has poured her heart into the work she does at Nashua City Hall for years now, but will only be attending one last meeting in this capacity before she goes on to work at a new job in Concord.

Mayor Jim Donchess acknowledged her resignation during Tuesday’s Board of Aldermen meeting. Piecuch will be going on to work in charge of the state elections for Secretary of State Bill Gardner.

Although Piecuch admits this was a difficult decision to make, she is honored and excited for this new opportunity.

“This is a new journey for me to learn the other side of the elections on the state side, and I’m excited but saddened at the same time to leave Nashua,” Piecuch said.

As some members of the BOA expressed their congratulations, Alderman Tom Lopez took it upon himself to do one of Piecuch’s favorite parts of the job, calling a roll call vote. Lopez called this vote for aldermen to express their appreciation for the job she has done through the years, which caught a couple board members by surprise. Piecuch also believed he was kidding. Nonetheless, members went around the horseshoe in the Aldermanic Chamber providing their appreciation.

“I have appointed Sue Lovering, currently the assistant executive to the Board of Aldermen, as city clerk,” Donchess said.

Donchess said Piecuch has done a great job for the city with the elections and in other work for quite a few years. Her resignation date is for Sept. 17. Despite accepting her resignation with regret, Donchess said this new position will be great for her. Now, the board just has to confirm Lovering for this new role.

“I am confident over the next period of time, Ms. Lovering will do a great job for the citizens of Nashua,” Donchess said.

Piecuch said Lovering will do a great job as city clerk, and that she is leaving her with a fantastic staff that will give her plenty of support.

“She has done a spectacular job running the Board of Aldermen’s day-to-day needs, and though the clerk’s job is much more involved, I know she will excel,” Alderwoman Jan Schmidt stated via email.

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