Barbershop hosts grand opening event

NASHUA – Under new ownership, Rise Barbershop, located at 136 W. Pearl St., celebrated its grand opening as well as its mission to help serve those in the community in need through their partnership with recovery centers and their Project Look Good Feel Good.

After taking over the shop from Chris DiNicola, master barbers Seth Geraghty and Craig Brewster – both individuals who have been through recovery – have partnered with organization including Revive Recovery Center, The Process Recovery Center, GateHouse Treatment and other centers and nonprofits throughout the area to help get individuals going through recovery back on their feet.

Project Look Good Feel Good helps to provide such individuals with different types of resources, starting with a safe, positive environment. The shop’s program is not only for those in recovery, but any member of the community who has fallen on hard times looking for a fresh start while being helped out by those who have gone through similar experiences.

“We’re here to help those looking to get back on their feet, coming to detox, rehabs,” Geraghty said. “Obviously, we are all in recovery, so that’s our basis, but we help the shelters out and stuff like that, anybody going to job interviews.”

Through the project, Geraghty said that Rise will be selling T-shirts for $20, and with each shirt purchased, someone who is in need of a haircut will be able to go to the barber shop and receive one free of charge. Not only does the program help those in need, it also helps other members of the community get involved in supporting those who are on the receiving end of the donation.

“It’s not just us doing it now, the community is involved, and helping the whole epidemic that’s going on,” Geraghty said prior to the event. “When the community gets involved and there’s more heads, it’s strength in numbers.”

As an establishment that has been awarded the designation of being a recovery-friendly workplace, which they received last week from Gov. Chris Sununu and the state of New Hampshire, the shop employs other those who are in recovery as well as staffing two apprentices.

Geraghty said because the shop’s crew has all these experiences, they also act as an important resource for those who come to them looking for direction and advice.”

“It’s also a resource place, too. We’ve had people come in here that were like, ‘I don’t know what to do,'” he said. “Yesterday, we got somebody into detox, we could have saved that kid’s life yesterday – and after detox, he’s going into a sober house up there in Manchester.”

“It’s just a safe place for people to come hang out, use us as a resource and get better,” he added.

Saturday’s event served as a way to not only celebrate the opening of the shop and its project, but it also proves that recovery works.

With the grand opening, Natasha Davis – an AmeriCorp member who works at Revive – said the shop will be able to dispel some of the stigma that goes along with being a member in the community who has gone through recovery.

The event showcased some of the individuals who have succeeded, highlighting that not only have they succeeded, but they are making a difference to those around them.

“Having the grand opening, a big one, is huge for these boys, because coming from recovery, there is a stigma on people, they doubt us, they think, ‘Yea they’re going to be in recovery for a little but fall off,'” said Davis, who has also gone through recovery.

“But we do recover, and this is a big message,” she added. A powerful message of hope and inspiration to those who are out there that are trying to recover, that do have dreams and goals.”

Mathew Plamondon can be reached at 594-1244 or mplamondon@nashuatelegraph.com, @telegraph_MatP.