No one files to challenge Mayor Donchess

NASHUA – Mayor Jim Donchess will get to keep his title for four more years because no one filed to challenge him for re-election in November.

The 5 p.m. Friday deadline passed without any other candidate filing the necessary paperwork in the office of City Clerk Patricia Piecuch. This means Donchess will go unchallenged into a new four-year term in January.

Nevertheless, Donchess said Friday he intends to continue reaching out and engaging with as many city residents as possible until November.

“I love Nashua, and our community is a great place to live, but I think by working together with people from all of our community, that we can make it even better,” Donchess said.

Donchess has served as mayor of Nashua during two separate terms prior to being elected into office again in 2015. His service began with a special election in late 1984.

If elected again later this year, he will step into this role for the fourth time.

Donchess said since he most recently took office in January 2016, the city has seen success on many fronts, including education, infrastructure, and downtown development.

“In the last three and a half years, we have added a lot to the tax base, $2 billion by the revaluation. We have paved a lot of roads, 30 miles this year,” Donchess said about what he sees as his achievements.

“We’ve improved education by adding public kindergarten for every 5-year-old in Nashua at all public schools, which was not the case before,” Donchess continued.

Donchess said his plans for improving the city will be to see the current projects finished. He also wants to add more jobs to the city, while creating new and unique housing options. He also hopes to improve other aspects of the educational system.

“All of the times I’ve served, it’s been a great honor to serve Nashua. It’s a city that I love very much,” he said. “I know by a lot of people working together, which I always encourage, we can do a lot for Nashua over the next four years.”

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