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Campbell High School graduates 114

By Adam Urquhart - Staff Writer | Jun 15, 2019

LITCHFIELD – After years of increasing workloads, preparation with flash cards, study sessions and receiving test scores, 114 Campbell High School students saw their hard work pay off during their Friday commencement exercises.

Class Secretary Ethan Burns said on Friday, his class will look back and reflect on their previous 12 years, all while looking forward to what awaits them.

“Everyone here has left their own unique mark on this community and on this school,” Burns said.

Whether working their way through the school district all 12 years, or coming in somewhere in the middle, these graduates will look back at Friday night as memory they will forever share. They graduated high school together, while walking across that same stage, making their marks as members of Campbell’s class of 2019.

“As we move forward into the world, I am confident that we will use the same tenacity, spirit and creativity that unites us as a class to make our world a better place,” salutatorian Grace Theberge said.

Valedictorian Emily Coughlin said whether those seated before her were at CHS for the past year, in the school system for 12 years or somewhere in between, they’ve been a part of their journey and transformation. She said with the exception of being in the parking lot around at 2:24 p.m. every afternoon, she considers her class to be very inclusive and inviting.

“We played together on the playground, survived our awkward middle school stages together, sat next to each other while taking the SATs, and here, today, we will walk across the stage together,” Coughlin said.

Class President Jeffrey Allen advised his peers to set their goals high, and to not stop until they are the person they desire.

“Having a goal is important, and if you set goals for something you are truly passionate about, then the process will be more reward than the outcome,” Allen said. “Don’t get lost in trying to meet somebody else’s idea of success. Enjoy yourselves in the process of growing up.”

Now, with diplomas in hand, he and his classmates will go on to in an effort to achieve new goals.


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