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Attorney hired by city to conduct a formal inquiry of employee

By Mathew Plamondon | Jun 12, 2019

NASHUA – After allegations of city Assessing Department employee Greg Turgiss sleeping on the job surfaced, officials hired officials hired Manchester-based attorney Mark Broth to conduct a formal inquiry.

Officials with Mayor Jim Donchess’ office declined to release any information about the investigation.

The work of Nashua property owner Laurie Ortolano — as well as the private investigation firm she hired for about $8,000, Freyler Investigations — led the city leaders to conduct their own evaluation of Turgiss.

During the investigation, which took place during the span of about a month earlier this year, Ortolano and her investigators followed Turgiss to and from the office, noting times at which he would log on the department’s in-out board that he was either going to lunch, performing “field work,” or doing both.

“I think our data is strong and the mayor seems to want to minimize the information,” Ortolano said about the private investigation and what she alleges is an attempt to downplay the investigation during public forums.

According to the the investigation’s report, during those times, Turgiss would allegedly be gone for up to three hours at a time. After following him, Ortolano and Freyler alleged Turgiss would drive to different parts of the city, either the Holiday Inn or the Nashua River Rail Trail parking lot. There, they say, he would take

extensive naps.

In a letter to Ortolano’s attorney, Robert J. Fojo, Broth stated he would be taking on the investigation. He asked to interview Ortolano and any individuals she believes would be able to provide information regarding the allegations.

“I would be pleased to interview Ms. Ortolano, if that would be helpful,” Broth’s letter to Fojo stated, “but would not want to take up her time if all the information she has is contained in those reports or in other written materials.”

Ortolano said she is willing to cooperate with Broth. She said she has already provided a letter requesting to meet with Broth, as well as additional information and a list of individuals she believes would provide additional insight.

“I think that there are real questions to answer on where he’s going and the time he’s spending and what he’s doing, especially with the mileage log,” Ortolano said, “especially with the mileage log.”

“I’m hoping that we can get to the truth on what this assessor is doing,” she added.

When asked about the status of the investigation, which in the letter Broth said he would begin making progress on last week, he declined to provide any information.


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