Woman charged with animal cruelty

MANCHESTER – Megan Ramos-Heredia, 28, of Manchester, faces a charge of cruelty to animals for allegedly allowing a 2-year-old pitbull to become severely emaciated.

Officials took the dog, Daisy, to Manchester Animal Hospital for treatment on April 8. At the time, Daisy weighed only 26.2 pounds. Professionals said a 2-year-old pitbull should weigh at least 40 pounds.

The dog was also very dehydrated, anemic, and suffered from skin problems. The women who brought her in said they had found the animal in Livingston Park.

Due to the animal’s extremely poor health, the dog was taken to the Veterinary Emergency Center of Manchester, while police began an investigation. Police were able to look at surveillance video of the hospital parking lot, received multiple tips, and conducted interviews.

Authorities eventually determined Daisy was owned by Ramos-Heredia, one of the women who had brought her to the hospital.

Ramos-Heredia had owned the dog since late December. Ramos-Heredia was charged with cruelty to animals for neglecting care for the animal, which resulted in an extreme malnourished state.

After receiving antibiotics for her skin condition and getting normal feedings, Daisy has rebounded and is at a healthy weight.

The charge is a misdemeanor punishable by fines and up to a year in jail.